Kyiv travel


An interesting and informative excursion was made by students of 6-B and 7-A grades to Kyiv. The students visited the profession city and visited the Klitschko Brothers Museum. In the largest interactive entertainment center for children in Ukraine – “Cities of professions”, schoolchildren together with class teachers Artiomova U.O. and Budavitska S.V. have tried themselves in more than 100 professions – from an ambulance doctor to an airplane pilot, from a fireman to a DJ on the radio. The students felt grown up, needed and independent, and also showed their abilities and talents. During the simulation game, the students earned the first game money, independently decided how to spend it. The City of Professions gives children a unique opportunity to learn about different areas of activity and to choose for them what they like more.

The second stop is the Klitschko Brothers Museum. It has many exhibits, including 7 championship belts, amateur and professional medals, honorary decorations, gloves, bathrobes, posters. In addition, Volodymyr handed the museum an Olympic medal, which he won in Atlanta in 1996, and Vitalii – a star of the Hero of Ukraine and the Order of the State. Visiting the museum inspired students to take up physical education and sports.

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