The pride of the school


Reached the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Despite the fact that this year was full of unusual challenges, emotions and events, the school is proud of its winners. We have 36 students who have achieved high academic success in the 2019-2020 school year and awarded letters of commendation “For high academic achievement”: Vysochyn Denys, Harazhun Sofia, Hladun Anastasia, Hrinchenko Maria, Dyka Sofia, Zhadynska Christina – 3-A ; Zubko Bohdana, Korzh Maksym, Kushtan Maksym, Liashenko Milana, Tesliuk Andrii – 3-B; Koval Ihor, Kulbachna Victoria – 3-V; Mekhnina Polina, Naumenko Daryna, Parnachova Stanislava – 4-A; Koval Veronika, Polishchuk Maria, Polukhin Arsenii – 4-B; Tovstopiat Uliana – 4-B; Kozlovsky Maksym, Opara Yeva, Rozina Veronika – 5-A; Kolomiets Vira, Riabenko Bohdan – 5-B; Makarynska Anna, Skrypnyk Yehor, Tropina Nika – 6-A; Kliuchnikova Anastasia – 6-B; Nikonova Kateryna – 7-A; Kornienko Anastasia – 8-A; Rozina Elzara – 8-B; Mug Nelia, Paterko Alisa, Shatan Yelyzaveta – 8-V; Postolenko Ivan – 10-A.
The school team of students won 30 prizes at the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiads in basic disciplines. 10 students represented schools at the third stage. According to the results of participation, they won six prizes. They won 6 victories at the I and II stages of the All-Ukrainian competition-defense of research works of the Academy of Sciences.
The school has 2 winners of the International competition on the Ukrainian language named after Petro Yatsyk at the city level Daryna Naumenko 4-A (teacher Motrenko S.M.) won the first place, Yehor Skrypnyk 6-A (teacher Honchar T.A.) took the second place, Yeva Opara 5-A (teacher Barsukova L.M.) and Sofia Khromova 7-A (teacher Solomka O.M.) won the third place. Besides, Daryna Naumenko worthily represented the school at the regional stage of the Petro Yatsyk International Ukrainian Language Competition and took the first place.
The second stage of the jubilee X Taras Shevchenko International Language and Literature Competition brought the school three victories at once. Pupils of 5-A class Veronika Rozina (teacher Barsukova L.M.), 6-A class Nika Tropina (teacher Honchar T.A.) and 11A class Anastasia Nehrii (teacher Satanivska I.V.) took the third place.
Students of the school actively participated in educational competitions of various levels, including participation in the All-Ukrainian competition Eco-Techno Ukraine 2020; participation in the All-Ukrainian competition “All-Ukrainian Youth Water Prize 2020″; Kangaroo International Mathematical Competition; Bebras International Informatics and Computer Literacy Competition; All-Ukrainian Ukrainian Studies Game “Sunflower”; International Game of World Literature “Sunflower”; All-Ukrainian competition in English “Greenwich”; All-Ukrainian game in English “Puzzle”; Institute of School Education Development “Smart Girl” competition; All-Ukrainian competition in French “Gallus”; International natural interactive competition “Ear”.
This year, more than a thousand participants took part in these interactive competitions. Numerous diplomas and certificates continue to be awarded to the school for the victories of students in International and All-Ukrainian interactive educational competitions in various fields of knowledge.
The whole school family wishes our winners to continue to conquer new heights and glorify the school at the level of the city and the whole of Ukraine! We also want not to rest on our laurels, because only those who go forward are able to rise.