Day of Safe Internet


Our school has traditionally held a series of events dedicated to the Day of Safe Internet.

Already the fifteenth year around the world an action is being held to create a culture of communication on the World Wide Web. The aim is to find ways to use the Internet safely for the Internet, address the issues of Internet ethics, and the threat of illegal content.

Celebration of this event began on the eve of the role-playing game “Court of the Internet. Internet: Global Good or Evil?”, which, together with the students of the eleventh grades, was conducted by teachers of computer science Prudenko Vladyslav Volodymyrovych and Zadyranov Olexii Borysovych. Students were able to successfully recreate the atmosphere of the courtroom by presenting arguments against the existence of this global computer network.

Pupils of the 10th grade held conversations with junior students about safe work on the Internet. They told them about the various situations that may occur while using the network and familiarized with the rules for responding to them. Their work ended with a flash mob, the result of which was the formation of the motto of this year’s event “Create, communicate and respect: the best Internet begins with you”.

In addition, younger schoolchildren shared their vision of a safe Internet, recreating it in an exhibition of drawings organized by the teacher Didenko Anastasia Olegivna and classmates.

But these activities are not limited to, and during the week students are also waiting for many other interesting things organized by computer science teachers and subject teachers within the framework of the Safe Internet Day.

An online survey is conducted on the school’s website, the purpose of which is to determine that our students know about safe online work. School Board Information Committee urges students to take active part in it!