The Day of Unity of Ukraine


The school family together with all Ukraine today celebrates the Day of Unity. The Information Board of the School Parliament has prepared and placed a poster on a major event in the history of Ukrainian statehood. History teachers presented an oral magazine “Formation of independence and unity of Ukraine”. Senior students reviewed a documentary about the events of the early twentieth century. Participants of the volunteer club “Vector” laid flowers at the monument “Fighters for the freedom of Ukraine”. The Committee for the Study of Student Self-Government called on all those wishing to join the challenge: “Read and Disclose the Second Facts about Ukraine’s Independence”.

Note: The Day of Unity is a holiday celebrated annually on January 22, the day of the proclamation of the Act of Unification of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic, which took place in 1919. For centuries, the Ukrainian people were freed from bondage – the Dnieper came from Russia and Western Ukraine – from the Austro-Hungarian Empire – and reunited on its land in a single Ukrainian state. Officially in Ukraine, the Day of Unity is celebrated since 1999.