Stars of Biology


The results of the second stage of Ukrainian Olympiad on biology are ready. Five students of our school became its winners. The first place was won by Iryna Vovk (9A), the second was Zalanda Ahmed (8B), third places went to Maria Biletska (8A), Natalia Kolomiets and Yelyzaveta Tsyhannyk (9B). Biology teachers L.V. Dovhal and O.I. Klymenko prepared students for sensational victory.

The school, school parliament, Academic Council, Children’s Association “Land of Adventure”, students, and teachers sincerely congratulate Irina Vovk, Zalanda Ahmed, Maria Beletska, Natalia Kolomiets, Yelyzaveta Tsyhannyk, biology teacher L.V. Dovhal and O.I. Klimenko on their victory in the second stage of Ukrainian Olympiad in biology and wish further success at the third stage.