Remembering the Heroes of Kruty

в куток крути

Every year on January 29, Ukraine commemorates the Heroes of Kruty. Every year, our school family honors the victory of the participants. On this day, at the Kruty railway station in the Chernihiv region, 300 Kyiv students, defending the approaches to Kyiv, engaged in an unequal battle with a 6,000-strong Bolshevik army under the command of Mykhailo Muraviov, who, among others, was attacking the Ukrainian People’s Republic.
According to the participants of the events, more than 250 people from the Ukrainian side were killed. The names of only 27 students who were captured and shot are known. Their bodies were later solemnly reburied at Askold’s grave in Kyiv.
The feat of Kruty students became a symbol of courage and unconditional love for their own homeland. During the Soviet era, the battle of Kruty was forgotten for 70 long years before Ukraine gained independence. Only in recent years have historians begun to actively study the available materials. And although there are more questions than answers now, one fact remains the same: the Battle of Kruty is one of the landmarks of Ukrainian history that we must remember.