Euro Quiz


For a year now, the school community Euro Coop is participating in the Euro Quiz project. This year, Euro clubs invite all students to join the 5th annual Ukrainian online quiz on Europe and the European Union. The Euro-study consists of 5 thematic areas: the European Union, culture, EU countries, life in the EU, Ukraine and Europe. Each direction is divided into 4 topics of 7 to 3 questions, depending on the age category. The participant can choose the direction and topic of questions in the direction. After passing 1 direction of questions, the next direction opens for a day. A participant can go through the quiz a lot of times. The winners of the quiz can be only the first 100 participants from each category, which have passed all 5 rounds and have received the highest rating among all.
The quiz will last until June 2019. Check your knowledge of Europe and compete for gifts from the EU Delegation to Ukraine.
Note: Eurovision is an all-Ukrainian quiz about Europe and the European Union. The project is funded by the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine and implemented by the NGO “Open Society Foundation”. The project offers more than 100 questions that will permanently change your perception of “good old Europe”. It has striking facts, unexpected discoveries and wonders.