European Day of Languages


Each year on 26 September the European day of languages is celebrated. This holiday is a new one, it is less than 10 years old. Its origination is connected with the fact that new millenium is announced by UNESCO as a century of linguists. In the first year of  21 century the first celebration of the European day of languages took place. The European Commission and the Council of Europe were the initiators to celebrate such holiday that time. It is important that nowadays the great attention is paid to the variety of languages. The European Union unites 27 countries. But there are much more languages which are used by the Europeans. In the European institutions the following  languages have the equal rights: Estonian, English, Sweden, Czech, Bulgarian, French, Hungarian, Finnish, Greek, Slovenian, Danish, Slovac, Irish, Romanian, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Polish, Lettish, Dutch, Lithuanian, Maltese, Deutch. That is 23 officially acknowledged languages.But besides, approximately 60 regional languages and the languages of  the national minority exist.

And “The European day of languages” doesn’t simply remind us about the existence of many languages but promote the citizens of the European Union to learn them. To know as minimum one more language is not the norm in the modern world but the necessity. In some countries of EU it is the common thing to learn 3 languages at school and know them nearly perfectly.

May be the events of the European day of languages will attract attention in our country too. The aim to learn the foreign languages will be important not only for those who need it for its work but for everybody  to promote the circulation of many languages. At the beginning of  21 century it was just the aim of the organizers of this holiday.