European Day of Languages


The celebration of the European Day of Languages ​​was one of the traditions of our school.

Reference: On September 26 every year is celebrated the European Day of Languages. This festival is young; it is less than ten years. Its origin is related to the new millennium, UNESCO declared the century polyglot. And in the first year of the 21st century and the first celebration occurred “European Day of Languages.” Initiators of a holiday at the time were the European Commission and the Council of Europe.

The day began with inflammatory exercise, prepared by students of 5-A class with a teacher of English Voitsekhovska O.V. for primary school pupils. Very interesting and information rich passed the quiz “European language”, which had English teachers Tereshchenko I.V., Havrysh Yu.V. for students of 5-7 classes. Students of 5-B and 5-C classes competed for the best expert in German and in doing so, they helped German teacher Semenova N.V. Students of classes 1-6 attended puppet show «The Hens», prepared by students of 6-B class along with the English teacher Kolomiets L.M. Seniors and English teacher Voskolovych ZH.YU. joined the campaign “Say” Thank you “in the language without borders.” French teacher Draka O.V. and students of 9-A and 10-A class took part in brain-ring.

In the breaks were organized flash mobs and Exhibition of newspapers in English, French and German. In language lessons the students talked about the need to learn foreign languages, their importance and role in the world.

All events have been happily accepted by the students, they always took an active part.