All-Ukrainian Olympiads


The results of the school teams participating in the second round of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in basic subjects are ready.

This year we have 14 victories.

Ukrainian language and literature:

Nehriy Anastasia 7-A – Third place


Solomakha Victoria, 8-A – First place

Vyshomirska Anastasia, 9-A – First place


Inozemeys Anna, 7-A – second place

Nehriy Anastasia 7-A – second place


Iryna Vovk, 9-A – First place

Ahmed Zalanda, 8 B – Second place

Biletska Maria, 8-A – Third place

Tsyhannyk Yelyzaveta, 9-B – Third place

Natalia Kolomiets, 9 B – Third place

Maintenance work:

Holodniuk Anna, 9 B – Second place


Natalia Kolomiets, 9 B – Second place

Olexandr Karpovych, 10-A – second place

Inozemets Anna, 7-A – second place

Currently, 9 students with their teachers-mentors are preparing to participate in the third (regional) phase of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in basic subjects.

So, welcome and wish all students participating in the third stage of a landslide victory!