Volunteer club in action!


Volunteers spent the action “Open the heart – help baby!” Schoolgirl of class 3B Alina Merezhko needs complex emergency surgery to do in Kharkiv. Operation is worth about thirty thousand. Students, teachers and parents collected money for treatment in the amount of 4,869 USD. School Principal Tkachenko T.Ye. along with volunteer parents gave the money collected. We are grateful to the entire school community for substantial financial assistance, through which it was possible to improve the health of the girl and it can more efficiently learn and enjoy life.

Help: Volunteer club contributes to motivation for volunteering school students, education of the individual, who is not indifferent to the problems of society and the development of social activities, skills, conscious and active shaping of their lives. The purpose of the club is promoting the volunteer movement in school and city education students in moral values ​​such as compassion, tolerance, diligence, commitment to mutual activation process of consolidation student group. Volunteering at the school is based on the principles of voluntarism and philanthropy, law, humanity and dignity, common interests and equality of participants, transparency, accountability and confidentiality.