Vivat Foreign Languages!


We have obtained the results of the 2nd stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in foreign languages. The participants of the English language Olympiad received four victories. The 2nd place was won by Yulia Diukova, 8-A form (teacher O.V. Voitsekhovska), the winners of the 3rd place were: Ruslan Plastun, 8-A form (teacher O.O. Bilous), Maria Talalaivska,10-A form (teacher Zh.Yu.Voskolovych), Maryna Radko, 11-A form (teacher O.F. Kovalenko). There were two victories in French Olympiad. Anastasia Vyshomirska, 8-A form (teacher A.O. Liashchenko) and Daria Pidchasiuk, 10-A form (teacher O.V. Draka) took the 3rd places.

School management, school parliament, academic board, pupils and teachers congratulate the winners and their teachers and wish them success.