Celebrating the anniversary of the school


In the Regional Philharmonic celebrations to mark the 110th anniversary of the founding of our school were held. The anniversary was attended by representatives of the local authorities, regional and municipal trade union of education, teaching veterans affairs, students, teachers, parents and alumni of different years.

The principal, T.Ye.Tkachenko, welcomed all those present at the celebration and stressed the success of the school during its existence. From mainstream education has become a specialized school that gives students advanced knowledge in chemistry, biology, ecology and foreign languages. Tetiana Yehorivna wished all walk into the future with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

The work of the teaching staff of the school was rated by the Diploma of Cherkasy Regional State Administration on achieved good results in training and education, innovative approaches to the organization of the educational process, the participation of schools in international and national projects, long-term work as a pilot area nationwide level, the achievements of teachers in professional competitions exhibitions and educational technology and to mark the 110 anniversary of the institution. Diplomas were awarded to regional and city committee of trade union workers of the school.

Warmly remember the school and its graduates. Viewers saw video greeting of activist school life, graduate of 2000 Dmytro Baraban, heard a poem dedicated to the anniversary of the silver medalist, a graduate of 2014, student of Brighton University Kateryna Smirnova, the real highlight of the concert was choreographic performance of four-scholar of Mayor, graduate school, 2013, by talent show on TV STB “Everybody Dance” Nikita Cherkasov.

On the day of the anniversary  the school did not forget about veterans who are congratulated with flowers and expressed particular gratitude for their many years of work in school, love and warmth, which they shared with students by the great work, for what brought thousands of decent people.

The concert program, viewers saw the performances put together an ensemble of students and teachers, dance and song composition, creative greetings from the academic council, the school’s best athletes, first and eleventh grades. At the end of the holiday all its members united song that is heard for many years at all events – Anthem of school.

Congratulations to our native school!