Sofiievka fairy tale


Students of grades 5-B and 6-A, decided to admire the autumn scenery of Sofiievka Park at the beginning of the vacation. Together with class teachers Sokur O.I. and Kostenko V.V. students traveled to Uman. Travelers viewed with interest the newly created corners of the park, where the cultures of Japan, China and Ukraine united. Modern locations with playgrounds, karaoke, library, colored fountains create an atmosphere of oriental tales. The students were amazed at the beauty of the old Sofiievka, visited places that all who had visited here at least once: the Snake Fountain, the Chinese arbor, the Ground Amphitheater, statues of Greek architecture characters, the Pink Pavilion, the Thetis Grotto, the Collections Square, the Veletnov Valley, the Grotto Valley , Venice Bridge.
For more than 200 years Sofiievka has been Ukraine’s largest tourist attraction.
Every year, about half a million tourists from all over the world come to admire the beauty of the unique artificially created landscape. The tourist season lasts throughout the year.
An amazingly beautiful, picturesque corner of nature has left in the hearts of students, pleasant unforgettable memories and a desire to return again.