#School of Peace.Workshop “Social unity/cohesion”


We are learning again!!! The two-day training workshop “Social Unity / Cohesion” brought together activists of the “School of Peace”. Students improved their knowledge of effective communication, developed interaction skills, emotional intelligence. During the training, its participants worked with the concepts of “social unity”, human rights and the stages of creating a safe educational environment. Peacekeepers have mastered the skills of teamwork, effective communication in resolving conflicts. The most impressive were the simulation games: “Power and Personality”, “Steps of Power”, “Assessing the Needs of Minorities and Majorities in the Community”, “Global Sheaf”. Effectively worked in groups on society and social interaction; diversity of identities in the community.
Tomorrow the training will continue and its participants will learn a lot of interesting things. Fruitful work, dear “peacekeepers”!