# School of Peace. Workshop. Day Two


Today’s training workshop “Social Unity / Cohesion” began with a morning meeting of participants. The participants of the workshop listened to a mini-lecture “Volunteering and social work as a means of community mobilization” on the history of the formation of the volunteer movement and discussed the main activities of volunteers. Peacekeepers participated in the training “Effective communication as a means of overcoming barriers and preventing conflicts in the community” where they learned about the concepts, types, stages of communication and ways to overcome barriers. Using non-verbal techniques, we learned STEPS communication. They also played the business game “Dating Bingo”, “Compliment Waltz” and the game-energizer “Spark”, watched the animated film “Communication Lesson”. The second busy day of the training ended with the team activities “Community Mapping” and “World Cafe”. Our participants will start acquainting the school community with the mechanisms of social cohesion development on Monday.