School is ready for the new school year


On the eve of the new academic year the Department of Education and the Commission humanitarian policy review was conducted on school premises readiness for the start of classes. Aesthetic appearance of our school unique “Ecological Valley” was noted. Students, teachers, parents and technical staff put a lot of effort to ensure that the entire school family started the school year in a comfortable environment. During the holidays, recreation and classes with a total area of ​​more than a thousand square meters were painted, the hall stairs were made. After overhaul, the class of chemistry, which is installed with new modern equipment, will fully work. Refurbished and equipped with new tools – a study computer science, classes № 110,111,112,115,116,222, 224, 225, 228, 238, 243, 346, 360, 362. The common areas are updated. I want to note a troublesome job for summer technicians A.A. Dallakian, V.H. Omelchenko, I.A. Lazuko, M.M. Shamurova that under the leadership of deputy headmaster of administrative work of V.M. Mitiaieva qualitatively performed the lion’s share of work. All summer students, teachers and technical staff looked sprouts and planted new saplings in the “Eco Valley”.

The school has all conditions for the start of classes. We look forward to meet our students.