Traveling around Ukraine


Continuing the summer holidays, but students spend their school actively traveling all over Ukraine. 5-graders led by the class teacher Klymenko O.I. and Zadorozhnia O.M. were on tour in Uman. The glory of Uman is a park Sofiiivka, Ukraine national treasure, a masterpiece of architecture. Students of 5th graders were able to walk among the masterpieces of nature, take a walk on the bridge, and feed swans in the lake, cross the river by boat, a taste of freedom, comfort. Children are familiar with rare species of flora and fauna. The pavilion of Flora, named after the goddess of spring and flowers where musicians often perform. At the end of the tour, students got a lot of interesting knowledge and share their experiences.

Students of grades 8, together with the class teacher Sotulenko O.Yu., traveled to Kyiv. They visited the National Botanic Garden of N.N. Grishko and saw exotic plants from around the world. The National Museum of History of Ukraine in World War II graders touched the historical events of the mid-twentieth century saw the weapons and military equipment of the time. A minute’s silence in memory of Holodomor victims at the memorial dedicated to this terrible event.

Traveling the country, we learn about its history, culture, and most importantly, about our family roots.