The first Olympic victory

Atomic elements periodic table chemistry design

Best chemists of school won the first Olympic victory.

Inozemets Anna, 7-A class, Natalia Kolomiets, 9-B class, and Olexandr Karpovych, 10-A class, won second place in the second stage of Ukrainian Olympiad in chemistry. By significant victories Budavitska S.V. prepared students. The school, school parliament, academic council children’s association “Country of Adventure” students, teachers sincerely welcome the Inozemets, Anna Kolomiets Natalia, Karpovych Olexander and chemistry teacher Svitlana Budavitska on their victory in the second stage of Ukrainian Olympiad on chemistry and wish further success in education contests and competitions.

family:”Times New Roman”,”serif”;mso-ansi-language:EN-US’>After returning students joined our school library and office of Euro club with new books about the culture and traditions of the city Bydhoshch.


At this stage, pupils and teachers of our school are having conversation with students and teachers of the Third academic lyceum of Bydhoshch with the hope of joint projects.

Let friendship helps us to have partners for joint projects, visits, exchanges.