Victory Olympic procession


The students of the school continue to brilliantly win in the II stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiads in basic disciplines. In the Chemistry Olympiad, 10th grade student Artem Velko took first place, and his classmate Roman Bratchikov took third place. The students were prepared by chemistry teacher S.V. Budavitska. In the ecology Olympiad, Roman Bratchikov from the 10-B class won his fourth victory in this year’s Olympiads, taking 2nd place in the ecology Olympiad (teacher L.V. Dovhal). The winners of the mathematics Olympiad were: 6th grade student Khrystyna Zhadynska (teacher U.O. Artiomova) and 7th grade student Polina Mekhnina (teacher T.H. Kononenko), who took third place on the Olympic podium.
The whole school family sincerely congratulates the winners and wishes them further success in scientific activities and studies!
Everything will be Ukraine!