Teachers improve their skills


During the autumn holidays, a number of events were held to teach and improve the level of pedagogical skills of teachers. The main feature was the pedagogical council, where teachers studied the following issues:
1. Formation of key competencies of students on the basis of complex of modern educational technologies.
2. Ensuring information and digital competence of first-degree students.
3. The organization of the internal system of quality assurance of education. Educational assessment system.
4. The results of in-depth preventive medical examination of students. Divide students into health groups for physical education. About preventive vaccinations of students.
The constructive reports and announcements were made by the deputy directors for educational work, Karbivnycha I.V. and Barsukova L.M.
Teachers shared their experience:
- Primary school teacher Polunina O.O.;
- Teacher of mathematics and economics Zasiadko L.V.;
- Teacher of labor training and technology Boichenko O.V.;
- Teacher of biology, ecology and sustainable development Dovhal L.V.;
- Teacher of computer science Zadyranov O.B.
The meeting was held constructively, in a creative business environment, which gives the opportunity to draw a conclusion about the correct scientific approach to this event.
The day before, all teachers understood the thesaurus on the internal quality assurance system of education in the direction of the evaluation system of students, which considered the requirements, criteria for forming an opinion on openness, objectivity and transparency of evaluation, self-evaluation and mutual evaluation of students.
So let’s keep learning, colleagues!