Oh, teacher! Beautiful you deserve…


On the eve of the Day of Education all school staff gathered in the hall of a wonderful holiday. School Principal Tkachenko T.Ye. congratulated all those present on the occasion and presented to teachers city and regional awards – diplomas and certificates. Tetiana Yehorivna stressed that the teaching profession is one of the most difficult and complex, but very important for the training and education of citizens and real patriots of the state. Pupils welcomed teachers with poems, songs and dances. A dedication of young teachers to teaching staff was held at our school. The trade union committee prepared a joking manner difficult task for them, but they coped well with them, for which they received medals in different categories. With remarkable and original newspapers and leaflets class centers welcomed their teachers, organizing opening day of the second floor recreation.

Teachers and school were invited to urban festival, held in the palace of “Friendship of peoples”. It welcomed the teaching staff representatives of local and regional authorities. Ostapenko S.P. received thanks from Mayor, Mohylna T.M. charter of regional unions and Karbivnycha I.V. from the city Department of Education and humanitarian policy.