New Year “Superior constellation”


Festive New Year Competition “Superior constellation” of students gathered in the hall of the school. The competition was held on the initiative of Children’s Association “Land of Adventure” and art-school aesthetic Committee of Parliament. Winners competed for the title of pupils 3-4, 6-7 and grades 8-11. In the early contests of schoolchildren welcomed Father Frost with Snow Maiden who wished inspiration, luck and success in school. “Superior constellation” consisted of six competitions: presentation, knowledge of Christmas and New Year movies and cartoons, cutting out pictures of Santa Claus, Christmas pantomime of attributes, retention balloon and improvised dance. Following the Games the winners were students of class 3B (class teacher Dziuba A.O.), 6B class (class teacher Zasiadko L.V.) and 8B class (class teacher T.H. Kononenko). Diplomas to the winners of the competition jury awarded the Coordinator of Children’s Association “Land of Adventure” I.O. Korkishko.

New Year competition “Superior Constellation” has brought a good mood to the participants and the audience with which they meet New 2016.