On the eve of the anniversary

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Not every school can boast of such a solid age, as our school. One hundred and ten years old – venerable age! It is a century!

This important date prepared all: both children and teachers.

Pupils 1 – 11 classes took part in “Me and my school”, where each class presented their performance and achievements in recent years.

During the I Stage of International Competition of P.Yatsyk students  of 3 – 11 classes perform creative work “I am proud that I am the student of the third school.” In each class were awarded their winners.

Here are excerpts from the children’s works:

“The third school – the best school because it took me in its cozy heart of science”;

“My students happily go to school every day because good teachers meet them here”;

“I love my school for interesting subjects”;

“School – a place where you begin to understand concepts such as” friendship “,     “love “,” loyalty “,” commitment “.

It seems that autumn came to the school holiday and adorned lobby, and the lobby of the school began to acquire a variety of colors. On the floor using red apples, students and teachers have put the words “US 110″, the inscription had been placed around trees and tiny little hedgehogs. And besides, unusual tree was in blossom, “tree of desires”, covered with colorful leaves with the wishes to the native school. Among them are words of thanks and congratulations on the anniversary, and wish that the school has long lived evolved, flourished that raised more than one generation of their children.

In such unusual surprises from the beginning of the week work has started on the preparation to the concert to be held in Cherkasy Regional Philharmonic. Students and teachers tried tirelessly, preparing bright rooms. Children sing and represent a variety of rooms and zest concert will be the choir of students and teachers.

So all waiting for our holiday, and promise you will have something to see!