Inclusive Education

Ткаченко інклюзія

Tkachenko T.Ye., school principal, took part in the meeting of the participants of the project “Inclusive education: step by step”. It was based on Cherkassy regional psychological, medical and pedagogical consultation. During the meeting the discussed were the issues demanding the solution within the implementation of the inclusive education:

- The level of the readiness and professional competence of the educators working under inclusion conditions

- Architectural availability of school premises

- Advocation on appeals of the parents of the children with special educational needs

- Cooperation with mass media and public organizations

The meeting was held in business environment with the solution of the constructive proposals.

As continuation of our participation in the project we took part in the practical seminar “Cooperation of the special institutions and institutions of the general education as efficient implementation of the inclusive education”.

Experience of our work in the implementation of the integrated and inclusive education of the pupils with disabilities was shared by Barsukova L.M., principal deputy, presenting the level of achievements and achievement of the main point in the work with the children with disabilities – success situation – being happy ourselves – teach to be happy of the success of everybody.

Teacher assistant of the special form became the participant of the regional seminar “Inclusive resource centers: individual planning directed to everybody”. On the seminar the considered were the issues of the individual educational planning for the children with the special educational demands. As the result of the group practical work was individual program of the child development by the example of the Institute of the special pedagogics of the National academy of the pedagogical sciences of Ukraine.

Tkachenko T.Ye., the school principal, and Barsukova L.M., deputy principal, took part in the round table on the issue “Inclusive education. Problems and perspectives”. The considered were the issues of the cooperation of the educational and medical institutions referring to the work with the children with disabilities.

Our country pays great attention to the provision of the educational services to the children with disabilities therefore we continue to work fruitfully in this direction.