Worthy descendants of glorious Cossacks


The team of our school “Dnieper seagulls” took part in a city historic and patriotic quest. The event was timed to the Day of Defender of Ukraine. Quest consists of 11 stations. Having route sheets, the team waited for questions and objectives relating to our history of Cossacks of Cherkasy region; a certain way of life historical figures such as B.Vyshnevetskyi, O. Dashkevych, B. Khmelnytskyi literary legacy of T.Shevchenko, V. Symonenko and pearls local history and architectural monuments of Cherkassy. 10 teams competed, representing general institutions of our city. As a result of the quest, team received a diploma, sweet prizes and gifts.

Congratulations to the team “Dnieper seagulls” with a decent result and wish further success in historical and patriotic work and training.