Autumn fairy


Already coming to its end October. Together with it side by side stepping November and a new expected in 2017. In our school, which for many years deepens students’ knowledge of chemical and biological-ecological direction were the traditional exhibition of works from natural materials. Let me ask you, did you know that the holiday is about to happen? Yes, this night before All Saints’ Day – Halloween.

This year school students are not left behind and made their piece to celebrate. As you know, one of the symbols of the October festival is a pumpkin, so students have invented a wonderful way to infuse the spirit of Halloween. Students from first to eleventh grade showed all their creativity and decorated exhibit excellent products. October 28, Friday, in the upper room of the school, put on an exhibition of pumpkins. Each pumpkin, or as popularly referred to in this celebration, “Jack Lantern”, was in his own special and not ordinary. Some pumpkins are full of mysticism and mystery, such as pumpkin 1-B, 7-A and 10-A grades. Pumpkin 8-A, 2-A, 2-B, 10-B and 11-A class affect its colors, mysterious smile and a positive charge on the day. Eccentricity different pumpkins are of 2-B, 3-A and 5-B classes. It was impossible not to notice a wonderful composition of four pumpkins 1-B class. Weird pumpkin – “kitty” mini-jack and crafty Jack immediately catch the eye and evoke a sense of passion, joy, perhaps a little bit and fear. Pumpkin first-graders were able to move the whole spirit of Halloween in its products. I would also like to add that all exhibitors will fall in the category of “most creative pumpkin”, “The biggest pumpkin,” “cutest pumpkin”, “Best Smile”, “Halloween pumpkin” and “Top Tracks”.

Besides pumpkins on display there were other characters of the holiday: ghosts, cobwebs, bats and of course sweets that have become a wonderful addition celebratory exhibition.

We would like to thank all the students and teachers who took part in the exhibition. Our school family once again proved that it is the most creative, most active and fantastical. The exhibition was held at the initiative of the Speaker of Parliament Lilia Saiun, chairman of the educational committee and author Anna Dreval, a pupil of the 10B class Yelyzaveta Tsyhannyk who made every effort to familiarize students with the traditions of Western European countries.