Good Deeds

день волонтера

The International Day of Volunteers unites all good will people of the whole world for one common aim meaning to do good deeds unselfishly.

The International Day of Volunteers is celebrated on 5 December. The decision to celebrate this holiday was taken by the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization in 1985. The volunteers are the people spending their spare time for the benefit of the society. They dedicate to the society their talent, time, energy not waiting for the reward. Such people agree to help without being asked to clean the communal area, distribute posters or booklets of the social campaign, they are ready to guide the excursions in the native city free of charge, be the interpreters of the large international sport events. They help the personnel in infant and nursing homes, hurry to help to eliminate the consequences of the disasters.

To convey this generous purpose to the pupils the participants of the Volunteers’ club “Vektor” and the coordinator of the club informed them about its activity and proposed them to join the club. The information bulletin was prepared to tell the pupils about the volunteers in Ukraine. Parts of the lessons were dedicated to this purpose as well.

In the first semester our school conducted many campaigns to collect humanitarian assistance for the solders of ATO and Volunteers’ club took an active part in this action. On  5 December 10-11 form pupils had the possibility to speak with participants of ATO and transfer humanitarian assistance collected by the pupils.