Volunteer Day


On November 5, the world celebrates International Volunteer Day. These are volunteers who, without any reward, work for the good of society and the homeland. The holiday was established by the UN General Assembly in 1985. In Ukraine, the volunteer movement was born in the 90s, and flourished in 2014 during the beginning of the war with Russia. This holiday has become especially important for Ukraine in 2022. It is the volunteers who help the Ukrainian military, collect medicine, equipment and ammunition for them, deliver food and rations to the front. Without the volunteer work of the army, it would be much more difficult. During the war, students, teachers and parents of our school became volunteers. They have repeatedly helped the soldiers of the territorial defence, the Armed Forces, residents of the de-occupied territories and those who found themselves in difficult living conditions during these difficult times.
Congratulations to the whole school family on the holiday! You help the Ukrainian military and civilians without any reward, bringing our Victory closer.
Ukraine is proud of you!
Together to victory!