Ukrainian Headscarf Day


Today, girls and women of a friendly school family took part in a worldwide flash mob dedicated to the Day of the Ukrainian headscarf. This holiday began to be celebrated only three years ago at the initiative of a group of public figures, actors and successful women of Ukraine. The holiday was started with the aim of uniting women of different professions, ages and nationalities to preserve Ukrainian traditions. A shawl is usually considered a symbol of affection, love, loyalty, farewell and sorrow. This permanent accessory is part of Ukrainian cultural heritage. During the day, every girl and woman had the opportunity to take a photo in a headscarf in any location of the school and post the photos on social networks. Joyful and happy faces of real Ukrainian women look at us from these photos. Even the boys came in embroidered shirts today to take pictures with charming girls.
We invite everyone who wishes to join the World Flash Mob of Ukrainian women and post a photo in a headscarf on social networks.
Everything will be Ukraine!