Day of National Flag of Ukraine


Dear students, teachers, parents, friends, school and community of the town! We congratulate you on the Day of State Flag of Ukraine!

State Flag of Ukraine – the flag of two equal horizontal bands of blue and yellow with a ratio of the flag’s width to its length is 2: 3. Ukrainian national tradition symbolic reflection of the world formed over several millennia. Use the yellow and blue colors (with different shades) on the flags of Ukraine-Rus traced to accept Christianity. Subsequently, these two colors are emerging state.

In the middle of the XVII century, after joining Hetman to the Russian state, are spreading blue (blue) cloth with gold or yellow images of crosses and other symbols. Since the Cossacks yellow-blue color combination is beginning to dominate in the Ukrainian banners, flags and regalia.

Once interrupted tradition Cossack symbols, a long time in Ukraine, which was part of the Russian Empire, the question of national symbols was not raised.

The first attempt to create a yellow-blue flag with two horizontal stripes around such form, as now, made the Supreme Ruthenian Council (a body representing the national movement Ukrainian population of Galicia) which began the struggle for the revival of the Ukrainian nation. In June 1848, at the Lviv City Hall was first raised yellow-blue flag.

The impetus for the spread of yellow and blue symbols was the February Revolution of 1917 in Russia. March 22, 1918 the Central Rada adopted the Law on the State Flag of the Republic approved the yellow-blue flag symbol of the Ukrainian People’s Republic. 13 November 1918 blue and yellow flag was the symbol of the state and the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic. It was approved in Subcarpathian Rus, and in 1939 – in the Carpathian Ukraine. In the period of 1917 – beginning of 1919 blue and yellow flag used in Ukraine and the Bolsheviks. Blue and yellow color combination as only-national finally took shape in the early XX century. The symbols of Ukraine in their latest interpretation ,is cloudless sky as a symbol of peace – blue and yellow wheat fields as a symbol of abundance – yellow.

August 24, 1991 was the declaration of the Act of Independence of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada of building up the blue and yellow flag.

In August 2004, the President signed a decree number 987/2004 on the establishment of the National Flag Day of Ukraine, which is celebrated every year on August 23.