“Gifts of autumn”


Traditionally, our school held a charity fair. Participation in the cheerful and noisy fairs took students of 2-11 grades. Training was conducted to it carefully: each class thought through that range of products will offer for sale as will issue its trading place, as will urge buyers. The youngest of them trade helped parents.

The audience turned real world delicious. The products were for every taste. Came together many buyers among who were students, parents and teachers. Each counter surrounded by many buyers who wanted to buy goodies.

The fair lasted about an hour, during which tables, counters quickly became empty, and all the participants returned to their everyday affairs.

This event unites the whole school family – students, teachers and parent community. All participants received great pleasure. And the best part is that the event was a charity mission. It was collected in 1744 hryvnias, which by the decision of student government schools will be given to charity.