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Preparing to receive first-graders!


We present to parents of future first-graders the programs we work

Start -up of the new project

Our school has started the new project – “Didactic and methodological system of the development of children’s creativity within teaching and educational process of general education” (advisor Mytnyk Oleksandr Yakovych)

Contest “2000 schools of Ukraine”

Our school has become the winner of the Contest “2000 schools of Ukraine” included into the National project “Open World”.

Our school is situated in the centre of the city. It has good authority with the citizens. From 2003 the school is specialized in the foreign languages and ecology, and in 2008 it opened the form of inclusive education which was the first in the region. Our school takes active part in the life of the community, various All-Ukrainian and the international projects. The experienced teachers continuously implement and use innovations, especially ICT. We have a lot of class-rooms, except two cabinets for ICT, with the equipped places to use ICT (foreign languages, chemistry, biology, ecology, physics, geography, history, elementary school). But potential of pupils and teachers gave us the possibility to hope for more and take part in the National project “Open World”.

The State agency for innovations and management by the national projects of Ukraine and the State institution “The National project “Open World” together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine realizing the II stage of the national project “Open World” hold “Contest 2000 schools”.

Peace Corps

Two years of collaboration with the Peace Corps volunteer Jason Marks have past so fast…

Volunteers are people who have a desire to work abroad with their foreign colleges working hard together and facing the same difficulties. Volunteers are not just assistants. They are the leaders and the tutors. They are not working on standard programs but they are our inspiration for life.

One of them is Jason Marks. He was invited to work in our school as a volunteer.

We did a lot of work together. Mr. Marks helped us with thousands of activities. He taught hundreds of lessons and extracurricular activities together with us. We’ve written two important projects for our school, founded volunteer’s club and created English -speaking debating club.

“Golden” treasury of the school



Regional stage


  • Radko Maryna (10 form) ІІІ place. Teacher Liudmyla Volodymyrivna Dovgal

  • Talalaievska Maria (9 form) ІІІ place. Teacher Svitlana Mykolaivna Chubsa

  • Gavrylova Anzhelika (11 form) ІІІ place. Teacher Liudmyla Volodymyrivna Dovgal

The volunteer club has started its work

The accrued volunteer club has started its active work this school year. At the first meeting of the club participants summed up the results of their work on the project «Elder brothers and sisters» that was realized in the summer during the practical training at school. The leaders of the club were chosen there. All of them are students of the 11A. (Kateryna Smirnova is a President, Artem Lukianenko is a Vice-President, Nataliia Mohylna is a Secretary, Roman Meleshko is a IT Manager.)