Cells for Utilization


Our school has joined the All-Ukrainian nature oriented action “Cells for utilization”. It was initiated by the All-Ukrainian ecological league, National youth centre “Ecological initiatives”, All-Ukrainian children union “Ecological guard”. Cells are chemical sources of current, their elements react and under the influence of charge are transformed into electric energy. These elements are toxic and dangerous. One cell contaminates 20 m2 of soil. In the forest on this area three trees and many plants grow, two moles and one hedgehog and thousands of rain worms live. The main task of this action is to inform the population about the correct behavior with the used chemical sources of current, cells in particular, and involve the interested people into collection of these dangerous wastes.

We have installed container in the school hall for the used cells for their subsequent utilization.

Ecological committee of the school parliament asks all people to join the All-Ukrainian nature oriented action “Cells for utilization”

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