School Council


The regular meeting of the school council was held. Chairman of the supreme body of government of school Oparina V.V. reported on implementation of work plans for 2016. Coordinator of the Council of School Karbivnycha I.V. informed about innovation and design school in the city, region and country. The deputy director of school on educational work, member of the Chamber teachers Parnachova N.V. described the extra-curricular work with pupils, the cooperation of teachers, parents, students and the public on school development and improvement of the educational process. Their offers of school work in the next academic year, parents nominated members of the House Shcherbyna S.S. and Rosina A. Social worker Hlobas I.M. analyzed the injury rate among students by 2016 and submitted for discussion about dangerous teen games in social networks. During the questioning session was the Council for democratic change in school. School Board approved measures to implement targeted programs for gifted youth.