Closure of the language camp “Sunshine”


In the children’s park of rest there was a solemn closing of the summer language camp “SUNSHINE – 2018″. For two weeks, the children were studying for a rest. During the camp, children were able to develop the skills of oratory, working on the module “Speaking club”. Modules “Puppet theater”, “Atelier théâtral”, “Songs”, “Chansons” have made it possible to showcase their creative abilities. At sessions of Euro club students investigated a map of Europe. Each unit was the top 10 largest countries by territory and population. The results of the competition for the best connoisseur of European countries and their capitals showed a high level of knowledge of children. Students appreciated the online game “Gallop on Europe”. The most active at the meetings of the Euro club were Badyka Oleksandra, Bohdan Kravchenko, Yevhenia Makarenko, Roman Bratchykov. The purpose of the project work under the module “My native land” in addition to the practice of spoken language was to provide information competence (the ability to independently acquire, analyze, use information) and the formation of social competence (ability to work in a group, in pairs, assuming responsibility for the task) . As a result of the work on the project were made excellent tourist prospectuses, which present our city, our region. The best tourist avenues are the works of Khromova Sofia, Osokin Dmytro, Krot Kateryna, Sas Victoria, Kolomiets Yefrosinia. Since the camp was a member of the Go-camp program, students were able to take part in exciting sports and healthy lifestyle projects. Students have deepened their knowledge of English and French. Attended the regional children’s library, children’s park and the Valley of Roses, became active participants in the workshops of sustainable development within the framework of the Days of Sustainable Energy.

Staying in the camp left a lot of pleasant memories and impressions.

Wish you sunny summer and fun holidays!