With Ukraine in heart


Our Ukrainian people have a rich and original culture, inherited by many generations. From ancient times we have received the wisdom of life and guidelines for lifestyle. They are embedded in Ukrainian customs, holidays, rituals, folklore. This is the worldview of our people. Ukrainian traditions explain and substantiate the relationship between people, between people and nature, the spiritual value of each individual and the people in general. Our family is beautiful in spirituality. Our ancestors selected the most valuable possessions, enriching them, and carefully passed them down from generation to generation. Pupils of the school presented family relics. An exhibition of Ukrainian folk decorative and applied art “With Ukraine in the heart” opened in the recreation of the second floor. Visitors had the opportunity to see embroidered paintings, antique towels, pottery, ceramic figured ware, dolls, painted treasuries, traditional Ukrainian folk clothing made of home-woven fabric, clay cups, bright women’s necklaces and much more. Students, parents and teachers of 1B, 3B, 3I, 4A, 4B, 5B, 6B, 7B and 7V classes took the most active part in the exhibition. Ukrainians have always been able to feel nature, draw health, strength and beauty from its womb, all the creative forces of man were aimed at strengthening the family, a kind. So let us not forget our direct duty and continue the work of our ancestors.