Let’s go to the museum!


The non-traditional form of the pedagogical council was conducted today. “Competent Graduate: Forming a Successful Person in the Light of the New Ukrainian School Development Concept” – this was the theme of the pedagogical council that was conducted through a visit to the Central Border Troops Museum. We consider the main and unsurpassed task of the school of forming a graduate of the school a patriot of its state and the means of substantive competences to go to a new personality. Especially for this excursion, a monument with a biased task for the team was developed: staging around museum halls and exhibits.
This form of pedagogical council has aroused general support and understanding. The whole teaching staff was inspired by patriotic emotions, having passed the halls of the museum. The main thing was to cause a flurry of feelings and to breathe the spirit of this institution in order to form a successful personality who will work in the territory of his Motherland.