All-Ukrainian program “Democratic School”


The team of our school was selected to participate in the national program of education for democratic citizenship “Democratic School”. The program aimed at deepening democratic culture in school by supporting democratization and decentralization of school governance, promotion of public-public partnerships and the development of a democratic environment in schools, and promoting construction of educational work on the principles of human rights education and democratic citizenship. Program structure aimed at enhancing social cohesion and dialogue between different regions of Ukraine through the establishment of partnerships between schools.

The program was developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Council of Europe to support systemic reforms of secondary education in Ukraine.

Program Activity is based on the Charter of the Council of Europe on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights, adopted Recommendation CM / Rec (2010) 7 and with the priorities of the Council of Europe Action Plan for Ukraine for 2015-2017 years.

Expected results Program:

  • schools participating in the program, launched democratic transformation;
  • administration of schools, teachers, pupils and parents involved in the school projects;
  • developed and assessed tested model of democratic culture in schools in Ukraine. A handbook on the development of a democratic culture at school;
  • formed a network of trainers in education for democratic citizenship and human rights strengthened institutional platform on education for democratic citizenship and human rights;
  • established partnerships between schools from different regions of Ukraine.