We study the legal principles

до новини 11.01

Methodical sessions for teachers in full scale. The questions of methodical operative were involved with the present issues, in particular:
* The role of the deputy director of educational work in the development of the creativity of the teaching staff.
* Legal basis of the work of the teaching staff on the prevention of bullying.
The aspects of the school’s work on the scientific and methodological problem were discussed in the questions: “From innovative content and technologies through teacher’s skills to quality education and the student’s creative personality.” Among the main tasks of the IV stage of work on the problem was seen:
- Organization of team interaction of specialists-teachers in the complex implementation of innovative pedagogical technologies for the development of students’ creativity.
- Creation of the most favorable conditions for satisfying the educational needs of each child’s development and self-realization in a creative environment.
- Activating the creative potential of students – individually and collectively – engaging in creative activity, raising the level of creative competence.
Deputy Director Barsukova L.M. brought to the attention of the team about the forms of methodological work that were introduced at the school to improve the skills and pedagogical literacy of teachers. Based on the words of the outstanding teacher O.V. Zakharenko “Without a creative teacher, there can be no new school, no new society, no free Ukraine”. She was given the principles of interaction in the pedagogical team:
Equal partnership;
Informational sufficiency;
Harmonization with the goals of the school;
Tactical analysis and design;
Centralization and decentralization of management;
Delegation of authority;
Democratization and humanization.
In the work on the scientific and methodological problem, one can use the modular approach: educational and cognitive activity; problem-thematic activities; generalization activities.
Deputy Director Parnachova N.V. informed the teaching staff about the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the Law of Ukraine “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Combating Bullying”. In her speech, she highlighted the following directions of work:
Bullying prevention at school;
How to prevent booting in the student community;
What should be the teacher’s actions, that is, six questions and answers about cyber-squatting.
The work of the teaching staff was fruitful and organized. This testifies to the high level of information literacy of teachers who study in order to teach others.