Congratulations on the Teachers’ Day

З днем вчителя2

We cordially congratulate all the teachers with the professional holiday lovingly called Teachers’ Day! This profession is the most noble among the others. It unites the people with sincere thoughts, hearts, feelings and even self-sacrifice. You inculcate in your pupils a love to knowledge, sow in their hearts the grain of the beautiful, light, eternal things and open a complicated inner world of existence, give wise advices which become the vital credo for many children. We know that everybody who chooses pedagogic profession is responsible for those whom it teaches and brings up and is responsible for himself, his professional knowledge, right to have such high title of honor. We bow our heads respectfully before you, dear teachers, for professionalism, patience, self control, a love for the chosen deed, self-sacrifice and richness of soul. Let your educational field sowed with hard work harvest with the new talents, bright individuals and remarkable victories    and achievements in life and teacher’s word be always holy and pure in the world. We wish you good health, joy, cloudless blessed days, creative inspiration, new pedagogic achievements for the sake of native land and the independent Ukraine.