Unity Day online #Last Bell


#stayathome #interacting Dear school family! I sincerely congratulate you on the Feast of the Last Bell, which symbolizes the end of school!
Throughout the year, both children and adults look forward to this moment. The last school bell sounds different for everyone, and this year it is quite unusual. For those who have yet to continue their schooling, it joyfully announces the beginning of a fun summer vacation. Therefore, I wholeheartedly wish the students a good and interesting holiday, to gain unforgettable impressions and strength before the start of a new stage of learning, and to start the new school year with full strength and inspiration on September 1.
Dear graduates! Today will inform you that childhood is behind us, and new trials and new accomplishments are ahead that will show that you have become an adult.
May the echo of this day remain for you a memory of a carefree, happy childhood! You are moving into an independent adult life. I wish this path to be happy, full of good events and achievements. I believe that you will realize your own abilities, talents, build a successful destiny, will be worthy creators of your life. After all, you are the future of our country, the people on whom it depends what Ukraine will become in the future.
Dear teachers! I express my gratitude to you for the daily inspired, dedicated, tireless work during the trials that befell us this school year, for the patience, faith in the abilities and talents of your students, for the knowledge you gave to your students. In numerous competitions, reviews, competitions, contests this school year, our students were among the best.
Dear parents! Special thanks to you for being with us and your children. I wish you that the children must live up to their parents’ hopes and become a worthy continuation of your family.
So I congratulate everyone on the holiday of the Last Bell, with the successful end of another school year, which gave everyone new knowledge, new impressions, new accomplishments and plans for the future!
Sincerely, school principal T.Ye. Tkachenko
Receive greetings from the Mayor of Cherkasy A.V. Bondarenko and the Director of the Department of Education and Humanitarian Policy S.P. Voronov.
Vladyslav Bosenko, the head of the student self-government, addresses you with a welcoming speech

The youngest students congratulate the graduates on graduating from 2020 and wish them inspiration and good mood

1-А 1-Б 1-І

Flipping through the pages of the school album, students in 4th, 9th and 11th grades remembered the best moments.

4-А 4-Б 4-В(1) 4-В(2) 4-А,Б,В 9-А 9-Б 11-А 11-Б

2nd and 3rd graders provided interesting and informative advice to future second-graders and third-graders

2-А 2-Б 2-І 3-А 3-Б 3-В

Photos and drawings about the best events of the year were shared by 5th and 10th grade students

5-А 5-Б 5-В 10-А 10-Б

6th and 7th grade students expressed their sincere gratitude to their teachers and parents

6-А 6-Б 6-В 7-А 7-Б 7-В

Eighth-graders made a virtual tour of the next class

8-А 8-Б 8-В

Let’s sing our favorite school song together with the whole school family

School anthem

P.S.: Dear students, parents and teachers. We invite you to view the films of the VII Children’s Film Festival for children and teenagers on May 29, 2020. The works will be displayed on the festival website www.childrenkinofest.com. As always, the films of the program can be watched for free. The retrospective film and the works of the finalists of the children’s short film competition, which are part of the out-of-competition program, will be available for viewing as special events on a schedule – within one day. The competition program of the festival will include films for audiences from 4 years old. Outside the competition, young viewers will continue to get acquainted with the history of cinema, which will be represented by retrospectives. Let’s end the school year with a wonderful artistic event. Have a nice viewing!