Graduation from Business School


“Learn. Accumulate. Earn money! “is the leading idea of ​​implementing the cross-cutting line” Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy”. Today, pupils of grades 7 and 8 – members of the School of “Uniorbank”, which were scholars with financial content, received ceremonial certificates and gifts from the Business School in a solemn atmosphere. They were handed to the director of the school Tkachenko T.Ye. and the head of the Unionbank in the Cherkasy region, Vovchenko A.G., who spent two weeks teaching classes for students. Students learned to accumulate and invest in them; build communication on the Internet; created their first startup and familiarized themselves with banking technology.
The final lesson was dedicated to protecting their startups. In the nomination “The Best Presentation” victory won Anhelina Borodai. Also, the project of Artem Maleha and Kiril Hrinenko was noted. Each graduate has received a gift and personal wishes from the mentor.
Student feedback: “I learned about the structure of the bank, created my first startup. I liked the opportunity to learn and create your business idea and implement it. I learned how to make money in adolescence and become a financially conscious person”.
“I attended a business school and stayed very pleased. I realized that I do not have to be afraid to express my thoughts and ideas that sometimes seem pointless. I liked the lessons of oratory and the preparation of my own start-up. The Junior Card has taught us to be independent and materially independent”.
“Thank you to all the people who took part in the organization of the business school, a special gratitude to the coach Andrii, he really did the classes on which I wanted to be and which were very interesting. At Junior School it was super!!!”
“The business school gave me a second breath. I once tried to make money and save money, but nothing happened to me. But thanks to the Business School from Privatbank, I decided again to do this and not stop”.
Note: The educational program “JuniororBank” started in 2009 in Ukraine. In 2012, Junior Bank was recognized as one of the most useful educational programs in Ukraine within the framework of the international exhibition “Education and Career”, which is held annually by the Ministry of Education and the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. For the first time, the golden medal for the development of teaching methods in schools was the banking program, which today became one of the most massive educational initiatives in Ukraine.