Speaker Elections – 2019


The ninth speaker of the school parliament student of 10A class Vladyslav Bosenko was elected by a majority. The counting committee of Anna Inozemets (11A), Liliia Shevchenko (11B) and Karina Sudenko (10B) made public the will of the school community. 306 students in grades 5-11 participated in the voting. There were 178 votes in favor of Vladyslav Bosenko, 74 votes in favor of Ruslana Tyshchenko, 50 votes in favor of Kateryna Uvarova.
Soon, after consultation with the class members, the leadership of the school parliament will determine the candidates for the chairpersons of the parliamentary committees and members of the jury of the “Class of Year” and “Student of the Year” school competitions.
The whole school community wholeheartedly welcomes the newly elected leadership of the school parliament and wishes for fruitful, meaningful work to translate democratic and humanistic ideas into the school environment.