Election – 2019. Debate


In the assembly hall, for the first time in the history of the school, there was a debate between candidates for the post of speaker of the school parliament. Vladyslav Bosenko (10A), Ruslana Tyshchenko (8A) and Kateryna Uvarova (8B) presented their programs. Each candidate asked the opponent keen questions and was able to express his or her point of view. Attendees were able to get acquainted in more detail with the main directions of the candidates’ activity in the case of winning the election and to hear the questions that concern the students in order to make the right choice in the future. The most talked about issues were healthy eating, the increase in the big break, the students’ freedom of choice for sporting events and privacy in school life. The debate aroused keen interest from all in attendance.
We would like to remind you that the election of the speaker of the school parliament will take place tomorrow in the assembly hall. The counting committee consisting of Anna Inozemets (11A), Lilia Shevchenko (11B) and Karina Sudenko (10B) will count the votes.
We wish the candidates the victory in the elections! Let’s be active! Choose consciously!