Spring Music Festival


Part one. Pupils of 2-4 classes today opened a school-wide festival of Ukrainian song “Spring Vodograi”. The event takes place on the initiative of the school parliament and children’s association “Country of Adventures”. The audience heard wonderful songs performed by 2B class (class teacher Mykhailenko I.P.) – “Happiness”, 2V class (class teacher Mohylna T.M.) – “Mommy smile”, 3A class (class teacher Motrenko S.M.) – “Mother’s hands”, 3B class (class teacher Osadcha I.V.) – “Song about mother”, 3V class (class teacher Polunina O.O.) – “Ruffle”, 4B class (class teacher Harazhun L.V. ) – “Flowering Ukraine” and 4V class (class teacher Sidenko L.M.) – “Sunny droplets”. The first part of the festival takes place on the eve of March 8, so most classes devoted their songs to the dearest person for each of us – mum.
“Spring Vodograi” will steadfastly walk throughout the first spring month, and we invite everyone on March 18 to continue it.