Learned to Love Book


Is it outdated adage “The book is a source of knowledge” and “The book teaches how to live in the world”?

The answers to these questions and more students were looking during a week of love for books.

Meeting with writer Anna Hryhorovych for second-graders was not a surprise. Primary school teachers are frequent visitors of Regional Children’s Library.

Literary games, quizzes, lessons learned and library trips taught them to travel across the country of fairy tales, once again meet with the pages of fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

The school library also joined the week, where books were changed daily exposure.

“The book changes the world” – with this motto students finished the week with the performance of 2-A class.

“Man, for whom the book is already in childhood has become so necessary as the violin for a musician, a brush for the artist never feel deprived, impoverished, desolate”

V. Sukhomlynskyi