Support the scientists


This Saturday, five school students will defend their works at the first stage of the All-Ukrainian competition for the defense of scientific works of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Iryna Vovk (11A) will compete in the department: “Ecology and agrarian sciences”, section: “Agronomy” with the work “Morphological and environmental parameters of high quality seeds of grain corn”, her classmate Natalia Kolomiets will present a study “Some psycho physiological features of teenagers in the generation Z” in Branch: “Chemistry and Biology”, section: “Valeology”. In the same department, but in the sections: Human Biology and Chemistry will protect the work Zalanda Ahmed (10A) – Biological and functional features of the formation of myopia in children and adolescents, and Anna Inozemets (9A) – «Efficiency of a fuel boiler on pellets for the school’s heating and prospects for using its ash as a fertilizer”. Anastasia Nehrii (9A) – “Man and Society in the “non-entropic “narrative (on the works of L.Tolstoy, V.Drozd, P.Vanchenko) will try her hand at the department:”Philology”, section: “Foreign Literature”. The protection of works is the last stage of the competition-defense. Girls have already received reviews and written control papers on profile items. The scientific leaders are the teachers of our school Dovhal L.V., Klymenko O.I., Budavitska S.V., Chernukha V.S., as well as the candidate of biological sciences, the teacher of the Chernivtsi National University of B.Khmelnytsky Deriy S.I., expert psychologist of Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Psychology Demianenko V.V.
The whole school family wants successful protection and victory at the 1st stage of the All-Ukrainian competition for the defense of scientific research works of the Academy of Sciences Irina Vovk, Natalia Kolomiets, Zalande Ahmed, Anne Alien and Anastasiya Negriy.