The week of elementary school


A unique and informative week of primary school reached its end. Remember how it took place. Opened a week thematic line on which the head of methodical association of teachers of primary school Dziuba A.O. presented the plan of implementation. Children tasked to participate in the events planned within the week. Interesting and informative for younger students the week was. The children demonstrated their knowledge on various subjects, showed their creativity. Students in grades 4 (class teacher Dziuba A.O., Mohylna T.M., Myhailenko I.P.) became participants of quest “continents of the Earth.” Children learn many new and interesting things about the continents. The event was held in a lively and entertaining form. Perhaps in the world there is no man who would not like fairy tales. After childhood tale taught us to think and dream, be sad and happy. That is why within weeks of primary school occupied a place of honor tale. Class teachers of 1st grade Polunina O.O., Osadchya I.V., Motrenko S.M. held  the quiz”Immerse yourself in the fabulous” and held an exhibition of paintings “The Tale visited us.” Children using illustrations guessed names of tales and fairy-tale characters. All first-graders took part in these events and received a lot of positive mood and fun experience. All the best in humans begins with the family, the place where you were born and raised. In order to nurture in children a sense of pride in their small home, respect for the culture of its people, to local history in grade 4-B was carried out regional studies game “Cherkasy, Ukraine hearts.” Class teachers of 3-V class Ostapenko S.P. ethnology was proposed trip “Ukrainian charms.” Students learned about national and state symbols, amulets of Ukrainian people. Their imagination, creativity and love for Ukraine showed the students during their manufacturing hand-made. Children’s songs were presented at the exhibition of children’s art to works of Ukrainian writers. Teachers in grades 2 Sidenko L.M., Harazhun L.V., Sichkar T.P. organized for the pupils Club smart and intelligent “Who? Where? How? “, Which aimed to broaden students’ knowledge, develop memory, thinking, attention, observation, cultivate curiosity, interest in the various sciences. The disciples 3 classes under the guidance of their mentors Shevchenko N.A., Ostapenko S.P., Honcharenko I.A. made a virtual journey at quiz natural “world around us.” Children were pleasantly surprised by some things that surround them. It turns out that wonders and miracles are together! We need only look closely! The highlight of this week’s school tours were young experts and connoisseurs nature of mathematics among students in grade 3 -4, which organized and conducted Dziuba A.O. The tasks were logical and interesting, although not all of them were able to do. The week ended with summing up the removal and thanks to all active participants. Their enthusiasm, creativity helped make this week a real favorite holiday for both children and adults. Every child is unique in his own way. How many children, so many abilities. And in each has the own dreams. We hope that all the children’s dreams come true. And in our school every year there will be new talented stars that will shine even brighter!