Workshop on sustainable development


Dear students, parents, teachers! Let’s go to the “Workshop of Sustainable Development”!

The event will take place on September, 15 from 16:00 in the Valley of Roses Park, at the initiative of the school workshop for sustainable development, volunteers and teachers of our school and with the support of the Lions Club “Kiev Ecology”, the company “BETHEN ENGINEERING”. During the event, a workshop will be conducted on reducing the use of plastic in your home. You can find out a lot of useful information about rational waste management. We will be glad to see volunteers from the parental community. It will be interesting!

Use reusable – save nature!

Come to the “Workshop on Sustainable Development” and get the presents:

  • Eco-package in exchange for 10 plastic bottles
  • Eco-bag in exchange for more than 10 plastic bottles.

Let’s not stay indifferent!

Clear the city from plastic together!!!